Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Vermeer, Anthony Amore, Terri Priest and Travis Simpkins

Anthony Amore, Vermeer and Travis Simpkins

     Currently, I have two friends that are obsessed with Johannes Vermeer… and for two very different reasons:

     - Anthony Amore is the Chief Investigator and Director of Security at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. His top priority is to recover the 13 masterpieces stolen from the museum during the famous heist on March 18, 1990. The most valuable of the works is Vermeer's "The Concert".

     - Terri Priest is a modern artist, and always finds ways to bring unique narratives into her work. Her most recent series contrasts Vermeer's figures with backdrops of Modern Art (particularly Roy Lichtenstein). 

Terri Priest, Vermeer and Travis Simpkins