Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Stealing Rembrandts" by Anthony Amore

Stealing Rembrandts, by Anthony Amore

     "Art security expert Anthony M. Amore and award-winning investigative reporter Tom Mashberg reveal the actors behind the major Rembrandt heists in the last century. Through thefts around the world—from Stockholm to Boston—the authors track daring entries and escapes from the world’s most renowned museums. There are robbers who coolly walk off with multimillion dollar paintings; self-styled art experts who fall in love with the Dutch master and desire to own his art at all costs; and international criminal masterminds who don't hesitate to resort to violence."

     The book features a lot of intriguing information about the Worcester Art Museum Heist in 1972, during which Rembrandt's "Saint Bartholomew" and three other works were stolen and subsequently recovered.

"Saint Bartholomew" by Rembrandt. Worcester Art Museum

     Anthony M. Amore is the head of security at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and contributes to the Boston Herald and The Huffington Post. He serves as trustee of the Association for Research into Crimes against Art and lectures widely on art crime.

Anthony Amore, 2014. by Travis Simpkins

Anthony Amore

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Stealing Rembrants by Anthony Amore