Sunday, June 17, 2018

Graham Hancock. Bestselling Author. Tips for Aspiring Writers. Portait by Travis Simpkins

Graham Hancock. Author Website. Tips for Aspiring Writers. Portrait by Travis Simpkins

One of the individuals who has been most helpful in promoting my work over the past few years is British author Graham Hancock. In addition to using my portrait of him in various advertisements and interviews, he has also included it in a new series of online tips for aspiring writers. 

Check out his website here: 

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: Bust of St. John the Baptist, 1480. by Travis Simpkins

Bust of St. John the Baptist, 1480. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. ISGM. by Travis Simpkins

Sketch of
Bust of St. John the Baptist, about 1480
Benedetto da Maiano (1442-1497)
Collection of the
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
by Travis Simpkins

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Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Sketches by Travis Simpkins

image copyright © Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

St. John the Baptist. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. by Travis Simpkins

Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Square. Masonic Magazine. From the Editor. Philippa Lee. Art by Travis Simpkins

The Square. Masonic magazine. Editor. Philippa Lee Faulks. Art by Travis Simpkins

 This is looking to be a great issue:

" ...In this issue we have an array of knowledge to share with you: Our cover story is that of an artist currently taking the Masonic world by storm – Travis Simpkins shares his journey through art and Freemasonry on page 7; Historian Ricky Pound takes us on a tour of the ‘Masonic Symbolism in the Blue Velvet Room at Chiswick House’ (pg. 16); we ‘Meet the Author’ of A Guide for the Masonic Treasurer, Paul Sparks (pg. 12); veteran Freemason Chris Hodapp shares his powerful blog post on ‘The Decline of Men…’ (pg. 40) and Craig Weightman’s regular column ‘A Quarterly Advancement’ is on page 55."

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